Mobilization and stand-by costs are a fraction of those for conventional lift systems.



Because it utilizes commonly available components - standard cargo barges, steel booms, hydraulic winches - Versatruss can be inexpensively transported to remote locations, or even assembled locally.


The Versatruss heavy lift system can install integrated topsides up to 40,000 tons in a single piece. Field installation can be completed in six hours or less, enabling production start-up to be scheduled earlier than any piecemeal installation operation would permit.



Multiple boom assemblies provide greater redundancy and load control, which increases safety margins.


Synchronized control system ensures a balanced and level lift that can be stopped or reversed at any time.


Versatruss ties up to the platform’s jacket, eliminating the need for mooring anchors in deepwater operations.


Cargo barges provide superior load distribution and access to shallow waters, permitting dockside load-out and the ability to go where other heavy lift systems can’t go.


Transporting the deck in a trimaran or catamaran configuration produces a very stable system, which can withstand significant seas and adverse weather conditions. Tow capability permits rapid installation or recovery, reducing offshore exposure.



The Versatruss heavy lift system can be adapted to virtually any topside lift package, and the lift capacity can be increased by increasing the size of the components.







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